AniBite – One-touch Multi-Holder for All Small Belongings

AniBite is the hanging storage with one-touch open and close capability. Store easily and elegant your toothbrush, keys, pens, glasses. AniBite has a patented unique design. Items can be grabbed in one simple motion making storage effortless.

AniBite - One-touch Multi-Holder for All Small Belongings

The setup of this sleek gadget is very easy. Simply remove the paper cover and stick it on the wall surface. Attach it to – Mirror, Steel, Wood, Glass, Whiteboard, Wallpaper and More. Open the cap and place the object into the mouth of AniBite. It can store your things in a number of positions, both horizontal and vertical.


Attach and re-attach AniBite simply by washing the non-toxic urethane-gel suction plate. Despite multiple re-attachments, AniBite does not lose its adhesive strength. Incredibly sturdy, AniBite can hold items up to 300 grams in weight.


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