B-2 Nano Blade – World’s Smallest Tactical Pocket Knife EDC

B-2 Nano Blade is inspired by the B-2 Stealth Bomber military aircraft and designed with detail and precision allowing it to be extremely robust versatile and robust in every survival situation.
The B-2 Nano Blade has been made to hold functionality and durability very similar to military grade equipment. The blade is split with a serrated teeth edge as well as a sharp edge. The sharp edge is perfect for thin sharp precision slices whereas the teeth are perfect for tougher materials like wood. The blade is also perforated to allow cutting and slicing of materials to not stick onto the blade itself. It provides a cleaner sharper cut.

The full opened length of B-2 Nano Blade only 80mm and when closed, it stands at 48mm in length, 20mm in width (closed) and only 5mm thick. The ultralight weight of the B-2 Nano Blade comes in at less than 1oz making it the world’s lightest, fully functional, 440C black stainless steel tactical pocket knife. The knife can easily be clipped onto keychains or hidden in any coin pocket.

The B-2 Nano Blade is made from 440C black stainless steel and can endure years of outdoor wear without extra maintenance to protect the blade from rusting.

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The B-2 Bomber Nano Blade is both locking and folding. Safety was one of the main concerns when it comes to a knife of this size. Designed the be suitable for beginners as well as intermediate knife experts. The lock is a lever rather than a push button lock. You can actually use the spine to scrap splint without the worry of it coming around when the blade is locked. This makes the knife design much more robust than traditional smaller blades which are just folding.


B-2 Nano Blade

B-2 Nano Blade - World's Smallest Tactical Pocket Knife EDC

B-2 Nano Blade - Smallest Tactical Pocket Knife EDC

B-2 Nano Blade

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