BionicGym – PROVEN Breakthrough In Cardio-Training

BionicGym, a device with accessories letting you get a cardio workout without exercising. It helps you burn calories at any sedentary position, and is ideal for consumers that reside at an office job or long class hours for long period of the day. The main reason why the BionicGym is effective, it because this device uses neurostimulation to replicate the response your body gives during an aerobic workout. Normally, when you are doing your workout, your are causing your muscles to contract and release, this builds up your strength and durability. With the use of BionicGym, you will feel the shivering or shaking that has a frequency of 7-8Hz. This smart device is ideal for an average workout enthusiast, men and women with an overweight, people with joint problems, patients with diabetes and even for people that don´t fall into these categories. BionicGym helps you give your muscles the stimulation that they need to get the results of a cardio workout. However, you won’t have to add other exercises to your routine, unless you want to increase your bulk instead of slim down.




All images via Indiegogo


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