E-CASE – Smart Check-in Luggage With Real GPS

Do you like to travel? Meeting new people, new countries, get new experiences. But who likes crowded airports, stress when boarding an aircraft, or the feeling when airline sent your luggage to the other country.

Something can’t be avoided, but some situation can be solved with a proper equipment. Let E-CASE help you. A smart check-in luggage with a real GPS tracking, built-in scale, secure zippers, 12,000mAh power-bank and much more.

E-CASE - Smart Check-in Luggage With Real GPS

The innovative scale is built into the wheels, so you don´t need to lift the bag when you need to check the weight. Just open the app, see your bag’s weight in pounds or kilograms. Another great feature is the proximity detection. The E-CASE travel luggage is connected with your smartphone trough an app that is letting you not only see the weight of the bag, but it gives you alerts every time the E-CASE has strayed outside the range phone signal. With the advanced GPS tracking, you can track the back in real-time, see where it has been and get real-time alerts if the back leaves.

E-CASE - Smart Check-in Luggage With Real GPS
Not enough? The E-CASE lock is the most secure on the market, and can be opened in three ways; via the mobile app, with your fingerprint, or from anywhere in the world via SMS. It will alert you if anyone attempts to tamper with it.

E-CASE smart luggage


  • Track your back in real-time
  • Built-in, no lift scale
  • Proximity detection
  • Secure zipper
  • Fingerprint and app lock
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • Guaranteed TSA compliance
  • Advanced GPS
  • Two years free service
  • Lightweight, tough and durable
  • 10-day battery life



The E-CASE launched a campaign on Kickstarter. If you want to read more about it, use the link below. 

E-CASE smart luggage

All images via Kickstarter/E-Case Team

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