Flippy – This burger-flipping robot could replace kitchen staff in fast food

The robotic kitchen assistant. Nice label. This burger-flipping robot has just completed its first day on the job at Caliburger. Flippy is here to replace humans at the grill. Can be installed in just 5 minutes, is a stand-alone robot and most important, is a low cost. A brainchild of Miso Robotics is using a computer vision and an adaptable deep learning system and it is designed to handle the job of flipping and watching burgers. “Much like self-driving vehicles, our system continuously learns from its experiences to improve over time,” says David Zito, CEO of Miso Robotics. “Though we are starting with the relatively ‘simple’ task of cooking burgers, our proprietary AI software allows our kitchen assistants to be adaptable and therefore can be trained to help with almost any dull, dirty or dangerous task in a commercial kitchen — whether it’s frying chicken, cutting vegetables, or final plating.”

Flippy robot takes over the hamburger station in California restaurant

Flippy robot takes over the hamburger station

Flippy robot



Burger-flipping robot

Source: Miso Robotics

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