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Latest DampRid Coupon Code – One of the great things about DampRid is that it’s never wasted because it only works when it needs to. DampRid automatically absorbs excess moisture when humidity levels go above 60%. When levels go down, DampRid “shuts off.” So, be sure to keep your DampRid containers out and filled all year long – so it’s always ready to work when needed.

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It is a pretty special item that is formulated to remove moisture in the air and pull it down into the container, leaving the bath or closet with less moisture in the air to cause mold and mildew. (Check today´s deals with DampRid coupon code)

The clever little crystals, nontoxic inorganic mineral salt called Calcium Chloride, is only get going when the humidity goes up 60%. They lay dormant if the levels are below 60% and will not harm people, animals or plants.

The crystals are odorless and don´t release any gasses or fumes. They absorb the excess moisture and turning the crystals into a mass which then release the water into the bottom of the container. So, you have to take extra care when you emptying the container. The amount of water the crystals released depends on the moisture content in the air.

A great feature of these products (DampRid coupon code – 50% Off or More) is that it does not release any gasses or fumes into the air that make them ideal for anyone suffering from allergies of asthma. You don´t need an electricity unlike other humidifiers, it is just a bucket full of crystals. Simply open the bucket and let it works.

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  • Some buyers incorrectly assume that the product is defective when they see the hardened crystals. The truth is., the DampRid crystals will harden as a part of the natural moisture absorption process.
  • DampRid absorbs only excess moisture from the air.
  • IF DampRid turns to liquid forms in few day, that signaling a huge humidity and may indicate a moisture problem which you should give into the hands of professional inspector or contractor.
  • The crystals may turn color (orange, pinkish, reddish, brownish). This does not affect the performance.


For people who have never heard about DampRid, it is just a bucket full of salt crystals that absorb excess moisture out of the air, reduces the growth of the mold and mildew.


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