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The QALO Ring Is The Wedding Band For Active People

It can be uncomfortable to wear your wedding ring while playing sports, working in a gym or riding your bike, but showing a finger without a ring if you are married, can be unpleasant. The QALO ring is a kind of solution for you.

It is a wedding ring for people with an active lifestyle. This silicone bands come in different colors and allow have a good feeling while showing your partner in your life you are committed.

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The QALO founder said that they designed the less expensive rings as a way to “show our commitment to marriage and wear a comfortable wedding band that could withstand our active lifestyle.” These medical-grade rings offer flexibility and reducing the risk of injury should the ring get caught on something during your workout.

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QALO Ring Features

Finger Safety – Wearing a normal metal wedding band in a gym or during your activities, your finger is at permanent risk of being injured. Watch this video about what happened to Jimmy Falon and his wedding band.

video source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Material – QALO rings are made of medical grade silicone. The silicon is non-conductive and non-porous, so it is perfect for wearing in any conditions.
Pouch – When you buy this wedding ring (use our QALO coupon code), you will get a nice little pouch which you can use to store your ring. It is either made of neoprene or mesh depending on the band you receive and has a zipper on one side. With the clip, you can even attach the pouch to things such as a loop in your bag, key ring, or even your drawstring on the shorts.


Pros and Cons


• Can save your finger from an injury
• Affordable enough to buy different colors to match outfits
• Does not get in the way while exercising



• No gold and silver color yet
• Keeping track of two wedding bands instead of one


You have an opportunity to order these bands (with the use of QALO coupon code) individually or as a set of three.

Specifications For Men:

Thick Silicone – heat and water resistant
Color: Black
Width: 8mm
Sizes: 8-16 (Standard Ring Sizing)

Specifications For Women:

Thick Silicone – heat and water resistant
Color: Pink
Width: 5mm
Sizes: 4-9 (Standard Ring Sizing)


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