Lifepack – Solar Powered And Anti-Theft Backpack

Lifepack backpack makes it very easy to live your on-the-go lifestyle. It includes all the features you need for the modern life. Integrated receptacle lock, receipt and paper storage, rain cover or Solarbank.

The material used in Lifepack is very strong, but this backpack is not a slash proof. Don´t worry about your things inside, they are still safe. All the valuables are stored and isolated in so-called Workzone and protected with multiple layers of fabric and foam.

Lifepack backpack

Lifepack Backpack Features

Solar Power System – Solarbank offers a high-quality 4G solar technology working across the light spectrum. This means that you can generate power even on a cloudy day.

Integrated USB Charger – Get easy access to the power pocket on your right hand side and charge your phone on the go. The USB port has an extension cable that runs through the inside lining of the bag up to the Solarbank.

Bluetooth Speakers – Enjoy up to 96 hours playtime or your favorite music

Retractable Lock – A retractable, 3-number combination lock with cable. The secure lock is long enough to be attached to something secure to deter theft so you can focus on your work without having to worry.

Lifezone and Workzone – Separate the things inside the backpack.

Rain Cover – This feature keeps your things dry and safe.

4 Hidden Pockets – 2 Back pockets, 2 straps pockets.

Lifepack - Solar Powered And Anti-Theft Backpack

After very successful crowdfunding campaigns on both main platforms – Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and over $1,500,000 raised money, the Lifepack Backpack is available at Amazon.

Lifepack backpack

Designer: Solgaard Design

All images via Amazon


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