Mellow – A unique Bluetooth speaker integrated modern side table

Mellow is a unique, eco-inspired multimedia table. Table, speaker and power bank. It has 4 speakers inside and a battery that will last up to 7 hours of continuous playtime. It takes 4 hours to charge the Mellow table, but then you can play music for 7 hours at 30% volume; 5 hours at 75% volume and 3 hours at 100% volume.

Mellow’s built-in speakers give you the power to enjoy music anywhere anytime. With Mellow – the sound is captivating and extraordinary. It’s time to upgrade the audio experience for your music, games, and videos.

Think about this. You are watching your favorite film on TV, but now you have got a cool Bluetooth speaker in the corner, and you can hear the sound come wirelessly through this awesome little device.  The cool part, you can take Mellow table around easily, indoor or outdoor.


Mellow - A unique bluetooth speaker integrated modern side table

Mellow - A unique bluetooth speaker integrated modern side table


The Mellow multimedia table offers you 13 000 mAh battery capacity with 2 USB ports to help you charge multiple devices at the same time. You are able to charge your iPhone 7 for 2.7 times and it needs 3 hours to complete the charging. 



Each Mellow table is made from high-quality materials. Three beautiful legs are crafted from 100% lush beech wood. The tabletop is wrapped in a woven micro-fabric for a touch of modernity with 4 interactive buttons sewn into the fabric.

Mellow multimedia table

All images via Kickstarter

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