Orbitwheel – Portable Transportation

Maybe you heard about Orbitwheel, an invention somewhere between a skateboard, inline skate, and toy. Orbitwheel is a portable transportation device, simply said, a big, hoop wheels rotating sideways around each of your feet. The two lightweight, thin wheels don´t require no folding down of taking apart, and they are very easy to store or carry. The Orbitwheel skates will easy fit in any backpack.

Orbitwheel skater

Don´t waste your time to fuss which buckles and velcro closure systems, all you need is just slip your feet into the stirrups on each hoop. That is all. You can skate away.

Orbitwheel - Portable Transportation


  • It is relatively easy to use it, but you need time learn it.
  • Orbitwheel skates are lightweight and portable.
  • Can be used on different smooth surfaces, indoors or outdoors.
  • This operates on 100 percent manpower. No batteries are required.


  • Orbitwheel skates should only be used on smooth, clean surfaces. Any irregularities or debris may cause sudden stops.


Orbitwheels provide an alternative and funny way of transportation.

Orbitwheel skater

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