Qi Aerista Smart Tea Maker

Making a great tasting cup of tea is never been easy, especially when you are too busy to get things right. Qi Aerista Smart Tea Maker helps you make just about any kind of tea with a taste that you truly want. The unique, patent-pending brewing system of Qi Aerista combines traditional tea brewing philosophy with modern technology to manage the four key elements in making a great cup of tea. Simply put water and tea leaves inside Qi Aerista then select the type of tea you want to make and its strength. These factors will determine the temperature and the time for brewing. The Qi will heat the water to a specific temperature appropriate for your chosen tea. The hot water will circulate through the infuser until the tea is ready. Once finished, the Qi Aerista will automatically keep your tea warm for up to an hour. And this is not all. You can customize the water temperature, the brewing time or even getting the notification when your favorite tea is ready.

Qi Aerista: Smart Tea Brewer for Every Type of Tea

Qi Aerista

Qi Aerista: Smart Tea Brewer

Qi Aerista

Smart Tea Maker

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