Wopilo – Charge Your Night With A Revolutionary Pillow

We all know the classic pillows and the memory foam pillows. But what if you can have the advantages of both. The comfort of a classic pillow and the neck protection of memory foam. The result is called Wopilo.

Wopilo pillow will revolutionize your nights

It is a simple but effective concept. Wopilo was developed with the help of an osteopathic expert, specialized in pain, to get you a painless night after a busy day. The microfibers of Wopilo provide the same comfort and feeling as down feathers, and the soft and enveloping material is the highest quality synthetic packing on the market.

The core of the pillow is made of the best memory foam currently available on the market with a density of 40kg/m3 and firmness of 2.0Pa/kg. This is a great combination to help you relax tense muscles and to support the neck.

Wopilo - Charge Your Night With A Revolutionary Pillow


From a medical point of view, your pillow needs to fulfill two roles while you sleep.

The first is to provide proper neck support when you are lying down to prevent the development of neck problems including cervicalgia, cervical lordosis, curvature inversion or even scoliosis. This also helps reduce symptoms (which can be very painful and therefore prevent you from sleeping) of many neck and back disorders such as a cervical sprain, torticollis, herniated discs and cervical spondylosis.

The second role is to allow the sleeper to be comfortable in a position that is sufficiently relaxing so that they produce serotonin, the well-being hormone that will trigger the release of melatonin, the sleeping hormone…

By design, Wopilo fulfills both roles perfectly. As icing on the cake, Wopilo encourages sleepers to position themselves either on their side or on their back, the two most restorative positions you can sleep in.

Wopilo is a great pillow that adapts to your personal desired comfort level and helps release pressure point on your neck at the same time. The Wopilo is running a Kickstarter campaign and is available to pre-order. The price is starting at 49 euro.


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